Better sleep helped Chris Froome win the Tour de France

//Better sleep helped Chris Froome win the Tour de France

Better sleep helped Chris Froome win the Tour de France

“Quality sleep, cyclists know, can be a powerful performance enhancer.”

-Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2015

Impressive statement, right?  That quote was from this article in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, about how Chris Froome and his team won the Tour de France on Sunday.  What caught my eye was a prominent display quote that said:

Team Sky Block Quote

The article goes on to say, “Sky brought its own mattresses to hotels and scouted which ones lacked air conditioning before the race in order to bring in their own units.”

Clearly, they attached a lot of importance to quality sleep during this incredibly grueling event.  And they won the race, so…

While there’s only one Tour de France, there are plenty of other competitive cycling events, and two weeks ago, we were at one that was held here in New England.  It was the Boston Rebellion ProXCT event.  There were lots of competitors there, and we had many lively conversations at our booth.



We were handing out free samples of Food for Sleep, meeting the athletes, and getting to know some of our customers.   While no one visited the booth before their event – they were focused on their upcoming competition – lots of them stopped by after their race.  We found that they tuned in on two simple messages:

Now, of course, we’re wishing we’d had the stories about Chris Froome and Team Sky before the event to help us tell the story of “better performance through better sleep.”

The part about “faster recovery,” however, is supported by clinical trials.  The tart cherry juice that we use in Food for Sleep was studied in this clinical trial.  It showed two benefits that are compelling to athletes:

  • Faster recovery from intense exercise
  • Maintaining greater muscle strength during intense exercise

Said differently, these competitors might have found that during the race, they had more gas in their tank as they approached the finish line, and they may well have recovered faster (were less sore the next day) from their competitive exertions.

The athletes we met with thought that was pretty intriguing.  We’re excited as well – we made some new friends, and I think we may have helped some competitive athletes improve their competitive edge.



Bob Jones is the CEO and Founder of the company.  He’s been working in this field for twenty years, and loves creating products that help people improve their health.

Food for Sleep is a 2 ½ ounce drink designed to help you sleep at night. It’s a science-based recipe made with food ingredients clinically demonstrated to promote healthy sleep and enhance muscle recovery.

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