It’s tart, but pleasant.  Since one of the primary ingredients is tart cherry juice, it tastes like tart cherries.  Many people tell us it reminds them of cherry cobbler.

Most people drink the entire 2 ½ ounces (about two swallows).  Start there.  After a few days, you may want to try a little more or a little less, so feel free to experiment.

A half-hour before you’d like to be asleep is usually best.  Shut off your electronics, drink Food for Sleep and get ready for bed – maybe with a book or magazine (but not anything with a screen, please).

No.  It’s not like hitting yourself in the head.  Most of us find that we’re yawning after 20 minutes, and it’s “lights out” after 30 minutes.

Food for Sleep isn’t a drug.  It promotes “healthy sleep.”  People tell us that when they’ve had to wake up several times a night to care for a sick relative, they functioned as well as ever, but then went right back to sleep.

Everyone’s different.  If you’re going through a difficult stretch in your personal life, there may be nothing that will help you sleep through the night.  But most people find that they are genuinely relaxed, and that they sleep soundly through the entire night.

The word we hear most often from our customers is, “REFRESHED.”  (The over-achievers say things like, “INVIGORATED!”)  Athletes tell us that they recover more quickly, can work out harder and that within a short period of time, their performance improves.

Usually, but not always.  Most people find it effective the first night, but some tell us that it takes three nights in a row to really work.  Don’t bail out if it seems pretty mild on the first night.  Factors in your personal life (job stress, pain, etc.) may make it harder to go to sleep, no matter what you do.  But most people find that Food for Sleep helps, even on the first night.

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