Do players in the NBA Finals need more sleep?

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Do players in the NBA Finals need more sleep?

Were you up late watching the NBA Finals last night? So were the players!

Everyone is talking about fatigue and how many minutes LeBron James is playing per game. What about how much he and the other players are sleeping?

More Sleep = Better Shooting Percentage

Believe it or not, getting the right amount of sleep can have a huge effect on your overall athletic performance. More sleep can help you run faster, play harder and even shoot better three-pointers.

A study in Stanford men’s college basketball players measured their athletic performance on their normal sleeping schedules, and then compared that to a 5-7 week period where they were required to spend at least 10 hours in bed each night.

During the period of increased sleep, the players on average had faster sprint times by 0.7 seconds, improved free throw shooting by 9 percent and improved three-point shooting by 9.2 percent. The players also demonstrated improved vigor and decreased fatigue.

Top Athletes Get Sleep

When training, LeBron James reportedly sleeps up to 12 hours per night. Check out this  infographic created by Zeo on the average sleep times of successful athletes:

Athletes Sleep

This makes sense. It’s hard to perform your best when you feel tired, and athletes especially know that they must take care of their bodies in order to be successful.

What’s the takeaway?

Maybe we’ll see better offense from both teams after a 3-day layoff leading up to Game 5…


Dr. Paruthi is a published researcher in the fields of obesity and diabetes, and he always sleeps on the cool side of the pillow.

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