Running the runDisney Dopey Challenge – by @BamaGirlRUNS

//Running the runDisney Dopey Challenge – by @BamaGirlRUNS

Running the runDisney Dopey Challenge – by @BamaGirlRUNS

Now that the Holidays are over and I have returned from my runDisney Marathon Weekend, I feel like I am getting somewhat back to normal! The stress of the gift buying, cooking, parties and travel is almost overwhelming!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I would be running 48.6 miles over the course of four days at Walt Disney World Resort. I ran all of those miles and amazingly, I felt fantastic at the end of the fourth day!

I ran with my friend, Carrie Burrows. We did not stress about having the fastest finish time. We focused on having a fun run and not getting injured! However, we were trained to run the 48.6 miles just a bit harder if we had wanted to.

In 2013, I ran the same races (3.1, 10.2, 13.1, and 26.2 miles—AKA Dopey Challenge) but did not feel as great after the finish as I did this year. I think there are a few reasons why….

  1. I’m in tune with my nutrition. I have almost given up all unnecessary carbs, am drinking my breakfast (protein shakes) and do not eat sweets, fast food, soft drinks.
  2. I’m very aware of my sleep patterns. Since I have been taking Food for Sleep, I have been sleeping soundly at night and have a ton of energy in the daytime. It’s amazing what a good nights’ sleep can do for you!
  3. I have been taking lots of classes in the gym. Working on my core, strength and cardio is paying off!

Training to run a marathon (or multiple races at once) can be exhausting all in itself but trying to balance everything else in life is even harder to me! The things that I struggle with (kids, family, housework, sleep, diet) are the things that I have to stay on top of all of the time, not just while I’m training for a race. I am finding that taking control of these issues makes the training just a little bit easier.

I’ve got another fun weekend of running down at Walt Disney World in my near future so I am gearing up for that now! I’m putting in the miles, the nutrition and the sleep to get trained. 🙂

Running Dopey
Kristin is a busy Mom to three sporty kids, wife to a husband who is ALWAYS coaching, a 7-time marathoner and is always “ON” but never on time! Read more of her posts at

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