How Does Tart Cherry Juice Help You Sleep?

//How Does Tart Cherry Juice Help You Sleep?

How Does Tart Cherry Juice Help You Sleep?

There’s a brand new study that was presented to the medical community recently, and it’s just now hitting the press. You might be reading it first here.

A team led by Dr. Frank Greenway at LSU studied the effects of supplementing people’s diets with Montmorency tart cherry juice (the same cherries used in Food for Sleep).

Drinking the tart cherry juice twice daily for two weeks helped the people in the study increase their sleep time by nearly 1 ½ hours per night compared to taking a placebo.

The team used overnight sleeping tests, questionnaires and blood tests to verify their findings.

In the article, Dr. Greenway states:

“Sleeping pills may be an option for younger insomniacs, but for older people these medications quadruple the risk of falling, which can lead to broken hips and, often, earlier death.”

Interestingly, Dr. Greenway’s team suggests that the tart cherry juice works together with tryptophan to promote sleep, and this also can create other beneficial effects. That’s precisely why we included highly bioavailable tryptophan in Food for Sleep.

Dr. Greenway explained:

“Even though the amount of tryptophan in tart cherry juice is smaller than a normal dose given to aid sleep, the compounds in tart cherries could prevent the tryptophan from breaking down so it’s able to work in the body more effectively,”

Dr. Greenway further noted:

“These compounds may help to improve tryptophan bioavailability for serotonin synthesis, which could have a positive effect on sleep.  Increasing serotonin also helps improve mood and decrease inflammation.”

If you’re having trouble sleeping and want to avoid pills or other potions, consider drinking tart cherry juice. And if drinking 8 ounces just before bedtime (as the study participants did) sounds like you’ll be running to the restroom all night, 2 ½ ounces might just do the trick!


Dr. Paruthi is a published researcher in the fields of obesity and diabetes, and he always sleeps on the cool side of the pillow.

Food for Sleep is a 2 ½ ounce drink designed to help you sleep at night. It’s a science-based recipe made with food ingredients clinically demonstrated to promote healthy sleep.

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