Bob Jones

Founder & CEO

I’ve been in the field of medical nutrition for about two decades. My interest has always been in creating scientifically sound products that address specific conditions, using nutrition rather than drugs. Helping people get a good night’s sleep really has me excited: sleep is so fundamental to our health, our well-being and maybe even to our sanity. There’s a huge need to help people sleep without drugs. I’m excited to be working on just that, and to be doing it with a talented and enthusiastic team.

In addition to this company, I’ve launched three prior companies in medical nutrition, working in areas such as diabetes, weight management and more. All of those companies were with staff and faculty at Harvard Medical School, and led to consumer products that were sold through retail pharmacies. At other times, I have served as CEO of Vitasoy USA (a management turn-around), worked as a principal in a strategy consulting firm, and I’ve held sales and marketing positions at Abbott Laboratories and Baxter International. I have degrees from Princeton University (biology) and MIT Sloan (management). After hours, I play in a blues band, I’m a springboard diver and an enthusiastic motorcyclist. And I sleep lots more than I ever used to.

Jason Paruthi, MD

Sr. Market Manager

Jason Paruthi, MD is our Senior Market Manager at Food for Sleep. Although Jason rocked his way through Boston University, BU Medical School and a residency and research program at Harvard Medical School, the poor guy was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. As you know, this is rarely fatal, but it’s usually incurable. As a published researcher in obesity and diabetes, Jason spent a lot of time working in hospitals. He saw that his patients constantly complained of trouble sleeping, but they were very concerned about the side effects associated with sleeping pills. One thing led to another, and he found his way to our little company. We’re now lucky to have him as part of our team, meeting many of you and growing our business.

Marie Benedix

Market Advisor

Marie and I met about ten years ago at a conference in London, and given our common interests, it’s not surprising that we have crossed paths continuously since then. She has spent nearly 20 years helping food and beverage companies thrive. Recently, she’s worked with companies in the beverage, sports nutrition, gluten-free, probiotic, supplement and energy bar spaces. Marie is a Founding Partner and Chief Innovation Officer of A Bigger Fishbowl, a consulting practice dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs connect with consumers. Where Jason and I can get very nerdy about sleep and the science, Marie is unflagging in her determination to keep us focused on consumers’ experiences and how FoodforSleep impacts their lives.

Amy Mastrobattista

Legal Affairs

When Amy and I first met, she was a member of large, well-known Boston law firm, and I was her client for a pretty complex transaction. Over the past dozen years, she moved to progressively smaller firms and I’ve remained her client through numerous companies of my own. She now has her own law practice in the Boston area, and she’s also a working mom. Her law practice focuses primarily on transactional business law with a focus on technology transfer and licensing, capital finance and mergers and acquisitions. She represents entrepreneurs engaged in all manner of technology oriented pursuits including digital media/IT, mobile applications, medical foods and life sciences. She’s been enormously helpful to us with our corporate legal matters.